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7 recommendations for Online Radio in 2013

In his "State of the industry" address, Kurt Hanson, US specialist of Internet Radio, and publisher of RAIN Online Radio and Internet Newsletter, presented keys trends for online radio in 2013 : On-demand large variety - Primacy of smartphone - Growing popularity of on-line radio - A world of near infinite bandwidth - Musicians will embrace online radio - Rise of billion-$ brands 

Kurt Hanson also presented 7 recommendations :
1. Define radio inclusively
2. Maximize FM values (live, local, linear)
3. For growth, look online radio
4. Build stand alone team
5. New medium, new brand name
6. Build early (Or partner)
7. Develop a 2020 vision


All audios from RAIN

All the keynotes and panel discussion form RAIN Summit Europe are now available on Soundclouds (audio) : https://soundcloud.com/rain-summits.
It features panels like monetization, listener measurement, multiplatform content distribution and mainstream mobile and many interesting speakers.


Agenda RAIN (video)

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Time to register for Rain Europe

Registration for the second annual RAIN Summit Europe to be hold in Brussels on Thursday May 23rd, is now opened. 

Join hundreds of european and interantional digital radio profesionnals for a full day of informative panels, presentations and networking at the second annual RAIN Summit Europe.

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