The "Vizion Radio Studio" solution provides the means to automatically generate visual content complementary to the radio sound. Visuel contents is intended for a wide variety of multimedia devices from mobile digital to radio receivers.

  • Cloud solution accessible from web browsers without additional software installation
  • Automatic generation of visual content synchronized the audio program
  • Publishes the visuals onto a large variety of connected devices and RNT

The visual content is created from a series of slide shows, composed of static or animated slides. It can be arranged according to the weekly schedule program, or automatically run from a third-party system or started manually.

The Vizion Radio Studio solution allows visual content publishing in a variety of formats and resolutions, suitable for many devices such as smartphones mutlimédias, tablets, digital radio receivers, TNT, and connected televisions.

Puedes también directamente ver y escuchar dos ejemplos de Radio Visual aquí: