Why radio has a great innovation potential?

1. Dont think as a radio producer think as a multimedia producer
2. Radio technicians are familiar with broadcast production technology, use their knowledge involve them in multimedia projects
3. Entertainment content surpass news related content ( with very poor livecycle window) News are for living but invest in entertainment for future
4. Radio sells Local and segmented adveritisg ( its used to hard work for living) think geolocated and personalized products and brand messages
5. Radio has full equiped audio production studios (with little investment just few webcams and ligthing it will transform in a web TV studio)
6. Develop for multiscreen (adopt liquid design and HTML5 development) but dont forget apps when necessary
7. People don't like to be interrupted while being entertained, get ride of audio preroll adopt branded content, involve brand and your audiences
8. Radio is social, embrace conversation, radiio is playful enjoy gamification
9. New narrative formats are waiting to be discovered, think transmedia
10. Be aware of 2nd screen content interaction will be next revolution on multimedia experiences

PPT presentation presented by Javier Lasa, R&D Manager at PrisaLab, @ Radio 2.0 Madrid (30 Oct 2012)