120 Spanish specialists of online Radio and digital advertising will meet at the second Radio2.0 Conference, on the 2nd of March in Barcelona, to discuss interaction and social networking, new services and monetization, metrics and advertisement.

Part1: How to increase audience of the radio with social media?

How radio can connect with e-listerners and social communities, offer new attractive experiences, new services?
How is changing the audience? How is changing the radio?

Part2: How to monetize new online radio services?

How to reinvent radio on internet?
How individuals, groups and brands can take benefits from new services and new business models of online Radio?
Which added values and opportunities offer radio services on internet and on mobile connected devices?

Part3: How to measure the online radio audience to satisfy brands and agencies?

What do advertisers want to know when targeting online audio listeners?
What are the metrics specific to online radio/audio?
How to measure efficicently audio audience on digital medias?